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Dual Chart Templates

Bring your data to life with Visme’s dual chart templates. Easily visualize the relationship between two variables using a bar graph and a line chart in one. You can also change the chart type by choosing from 15+ options available in Visme’s graph engine. Customize your dual chart’s content and appearance, and download or share instantly.

Dual Chart Templates

Choose a dual chart template below to get started.

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Dual Chart Templates by Visme

A dual chart, or dual axis chart, can help you visualize two variables with different magnitudes and their relationship more effectively than a single bar graph or line graph. Visme’s dual chart templates help you do just that. Each dual chart template below comes in two different sizes — square and horizontal. You can also use custom dimensions to fully personalize your chart.

Customize the look and feel of your dual chart by changing the colors and fonts, adding a background, incorporating titles and subtitles, adding a legend and more. Make your chart animated or interactive by adding motion effects, animated backgrounds, illustrations and icons, links, hover effects and more. You can easily sync data from an Excel or Google sheet. If you don’t have a sheet, you can always type in your data manually.

Share your dual chart online with a link and keep it updated with live data, especially if you’ve integrated it with a Google sheet. You can also download it in JPG, PNG or PDF format to use on its own or to add it to a report or presentation. Another option is to generate an embed code and add your dual chart on any web page.